Last Weekend’s Acquisitions

I am a fitness addict. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, excited because I was scheduled to pick up another 360 lbs. of weights from a classified ad I answered. That makes for a total of 1385 lbs of plates (two-thirds Oly, one-third Standard). My home gym is really starting to kick ass. Here’s the photo of what I found:

I picked up the weight plates plus a 22 pound Standard lifting bar and collars for $50. I didn’t have a standard bar before, so it was a nice bonus.  I would have been satisfied with just the smaller plates for my dumbbells… but as a whole it was an amazing deal.  The guy said that there were 18 other offers made on it. I feel pretty fortunate to have been chosen, but then I’ve had a lot of misses. This is my first win.

My collection of equipment probably looks a little crazy now, but each of my 5 bars and 2 pairs of adjustable dumbbells each has a use, and the plates are all being used for specific lifts (if only to swap on/off quickly during graduated sets).

A 300 pounds set, 1 bar and 1 set of dumbells seemed quite a lot at first, but as I’m still new my lift strength is going up fast. Right now I’m squatting a 280 Widowmaker (20 reps), a 300×5 squat in my regular sets,  and deadlifting 290 (at 5 reps), but have separate stations for squats and deads… so the weights get eaten up fast. Add my tricep bar, my curling bar, and my shorter bar for overhead presses, plus those extra set of dumbbells and my leg extension attachment on my bench, and…. not a lot of extra plates of useful sizes were left over. This weekend’s purchase fixes that.

As you can see from the picture they were green and rusting (which is typical of old York plates) but I re-did everything in a metallic, hammered silver-grey. Stacked next to the rest of my gear, it’s less clear which is old and which is new.

Lifting night tonight.  Can’t hardly wait.

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