Still missing you, Murph.

It’s now four years since the death of my chubby little butterball to cancer. While I’ve since lost another one that I arguably loved even more, Murph was the first loss I experienced for any of my “adult” pets. It was both unexpected and isolated from any comparable pain. It was difficult to endure, but it helped me prepare for the next loss (Brandy), for which I am grateful.

In the years since, what has give me the greatest comfort is that Murphy’s sister Sadie has flourished despite her absence. Sadie made a stronger bond with another of our dogs, and has continued to grow in confidence and spirit… far beyond the abused, timid canine we rescued so many years ago. And she celebrated her 14 birthday this year!  I wish Murph could have been there.  As the younger sister… the stronger one… I always imagined she would far outlive her elder.

But then Murphy was always the loved dog in every home she ever lived in.  Thankfully, Sadie has been granted many extra years to get all the love she deserved, but never received.

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