About Toddle

I’m Todd L.

The theme is parody of my nickname and a well known advertising company, and should not be construed as an endorsement of either.

This is a  personal website: a catch-all bit bucket of things I’ve posted on the Internet over the last 15+ years, and have managed not to purposely delete or accidentally lose as a result of those completely predictable hard drive failures that we all continue to be completely shocked by.

This site contains:

  • Miscellaneous information which may be monumentally important to me, but represent no perceptible value to the population at large.
  • Potentially offensive satire, written by a person with a very dry wit.
    • Keep in mind my personal interests in privacy and social justice before you mistake irony for sincere belief. I can deliver a grim and guilt-inducing lecture with the best of them, but people will hear and understand social commentary when it’s deceptively wrapped with humour. Humour is like bacon. A tasty wrapping makes anything taste better, and nothing can be digested if it isn’t consumed first.
  • Other creative writing that years of subsequent growth and perspective allows me to clearly identify as puerile crap, but I keep it catalogued here just the same.
    • There’s no better measurement of where I am now than to be able to look back to where I’ve been.

That said, it may be of no interest to you.  I daresay you would enjoy a much more personally satisfying and intellectually enriching experience by taking a long hot shower, and reading the instructions on the back of the shampoo bottle.

You have been warned.

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